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This conference will next be presented on April 2015


Delegates MUST be at least 16 yrs old on the first day of the conference.

The Course - Strengthen Your Application

Exploring Physics will give you the opportunity to meet and socialise with those young people with whom you are likely to share a University course, an experience not to be missed! As this is a two-day course there is the necessary time and opportunity to talk with some of the country's leading experts in Physics. As with all Workshop events, it should be an opportunity to sample University life, before choosing either a place or course of study and should not be missed.

Everything You Need To Know About The Physics Course



April 13th - 14th 2014


University Of Nottingham Read More


Course is £76

The EDGE session is £10.50

Chemistry A* Session, see brochure, £20

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The Edge Session

Physics Personal Statement


Physics Conference - The Presentations

Exploring Physics offers a rich blend of speakers and topics designed to provide insight and inspiration to all who attend.Through their experience at the conference we are confident that students will return to the study of physics with an increased awareness of the importance and relevance of modern physics and it's role  in science and engineering in the 21st century. Experience has shown that contact with workers and researchers at the cutting edge of science provides students with an enhanced enthusiasm for it's study, that carries them through their A-level studies and beyond. For those wishing to apply their physics to medicine, engineering or research, there is an opportunity to focus on the various ways in which physics will be of use in their future careers. Finally, for those who are undecided whether a physics or physics related degree is for them, then this course should prove invaluable. As with all Workshop courses there is a strong emphasis on future careers and university placements. Many have benefited from insights gained at these conferences as they have decided their future. Exploring Physics will help you too.


Who Attends The Physics Conference?

  • Those students wanting to enhance their university application.
  • Students considering a degree in physics
  • Enhance your knowledge of the subject

Benefits Of Attending Physics

  • An increased awareness of modern physics
  • Learn about future careers
  • Network with some of the country's leading experts
  • Experience university life

Physics Upgrades

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Physics Practicals

Physics Highlights

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Physics Testimonials

'It's given me a real insight'

'It's really encouraged me'

'The whole experience was fantastic'

'The speakers are really interesting'

'I know so much more about different career paths'

'The practical session was great'

Attend Exploring Physics


Learn more about career posibilites in physics.

Experience university life, lectures, university halls.

Mix with your peers.

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