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Core 3 Day Vet-Medlink - December 14th - 16th 2015

Extra Day - Pathology/Parasitology - December 13th - 14th 2015

Extra Day - Vet-Medlink Next Step - December 16th - 17th 2015

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Vet-Medlink is aimed at students wishing to pursue a career in veterinary medicine & surgery. Employing large and small animal programmes, the conference offers a wide ranging set of presentations, whose purpose is to prepare students for veterinary school and a career as a vet. Veterinary school Deans, practising vets and other professionals all combine to offer an outstanding conference.

Delegates MUST be at least 16 yrs old on the first day of the conference.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Vet-Medlink Course



Monday 14th - 16th December 2015

Sunday 13th - 14th December Pathology & Parasitology Day

Wednesday 16th - 17th December The Next Step Day



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Vet-Medlink 3 Day Core conference for £199 Book Now

Vet-Medlink Pathology/Parasitology Day for £99 inc VAT

Vet-Medlink The Next Step Day for £99 inc VAT

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Vet-Medlink ONTRAK. 3 extra days for just £25. See brochure for details.

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University Experience







The value of meeting with a wide range of Vet, Vet students and admission tutors is self-evident. Of equal importance is the opportunity to interact with like-minded young people from across the country. The conference aims to offer a rich social experience through which students will have the opportunity to meet and interact with those young people with whom they will most likely share their future time at university. This is a unique opportunity and the chance to experience university life before selecting either a course or university and should not be missed.

The Presentations - Learn From Working Vets & Sucessful Vet Students

• Vet-Medlink: Consists of presentations designed to offer the widest possible grounding and preparation for a successful application to veterinary school. Specifically the course is composed of the large and small animal sections detailed below along with additional presentations to include a clinical practical, veterinary student interaction, BMAT and much more.

• Large Animal section Days 1-2:
Working with large animals is an exciting and challenging area of veterinary medicine. Those with an interest in this field are offered a dynamic programme reflecting the challenges and rewards open to the large animal specialist with presentations that focus on the clinical opportunities available to the large animal vet in the 21st century.

• Small Animal section Days 1-2:
Increasingly veterinary practices are specialising in small animal care, a field that has seen enormous progress in clinical understanding and range of surgical procedures available to the modern vet. These advances are mirrored by the small animal section, which promises to provide students with an understanding of the current state and likely future of the small animal veterinary practice.

• Vet-Medlink Day 3: This element of the programme will especially benefit those students convinced of their commitment to becoming a vet and who are determined to win a place at veterinary school. Specifically this element of Vet-Medlink aims to increase and enhance the committed student’s prospects of successfully applying to veterinary school. In addition to meeting and talking with veterinary students, there will be the opportunity to listen to and talk with a senior admissions tutor to discuss strategies and concerns essential to a successful application. Unique to Vet-Medlink is the opportunity to meet with representatives from overseas veterinary schools delighted to consider UK applications. This offers the opportunity of applying to veterinary schools overseas in addition to, but completely independent of UCAS, thus offering an extra opportunity for those considering studying abroad and those who wish to ensure that they become a vet in the event of not winning a place at a UK veterinary school. Finally, the programme provides contact with experts able to advise on how it can be possible for a qualified vet to work with an incredible range of animals, in this country and abroad.

The Course - Strengthen Your Application

For most young people becoming a veterinary surgeon is much more than a career, it is a vocation and a passion, one that attracts the brightest and most dedicated individuals. For these students the Vet-Medlink programme offers an excellent opportunity to learn more about their chosen profession, as they meet a wide range of speakers invited for their expertise and ability to communicate. Additionally the conference seeks to advise and support students through the process of selecting and applying to veterinary school. Even students who have concerns involving their A-level or GCSE grades will find that there are options opened for them by the conference. In particular the Edge session described below, is for any who wish to have their options extended and their application to veterinary school strengthened.


The Research Project Vet-Medlink December 2012

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Vet-Med Benefits

  • Students seriously considering a career in veterinary medicine
  • Individuals wishing to enhance their university application
  • Get advice on how to improve your grade
  • Students who wish to seek advice from vets & vet students
  • Students who would like to find out more about the profession

Why Attend Vet-Med

  • Discover the future of veterinary medicine
  • Learn of opportunities to work overseas
  • Latest research in veterinary medicine explained
  • Meet admissions tutors
  • Enhance your application
  • Find out how to win your place

Vet Highlights

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'I believe I can do it now'

'I’ve got such an insight'

'I know how to win my place'

'I'm so much more prepared'

'I now have the structure to go ahead'

'It was amazing'

'It was so interesting'

'It was really good'

'They answer all of your questions'

'I know this is what I want to do now'

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